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Gift Essential

The Bamboo Bae’s collection is not only limited to household supplies, but we also offer a ton of bamboo gift items. You can give these hampers and combos to any relative or work friend and encourage them to reduce their carbon footprint as well. Our bamboo corporate gifts are both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. These simple yet artsy designs will be appreciated by everyone and make for the best gifts as well. You can also choose from our coconut shell products, our bowls, and wooden trays are also considered a worthy gift by many of our customers.

At our store, you will also find bamboo straws to replace your plastic ones. Since plastic straws are responsible for a ton of waste in oceans and water bodies, replacing them with bamboo ones is a smart and responsible choice. Bamboo straws are made from all-natural products and will be discarded in nature. Since they break down in the ground, the land and water masses will not be polluted, and the water creatures will be preserved as well. Our high-quality bamboo straws can also be reused. If you wash and dry them properly, they can be used multiple times. Browse from our collection of organic bamboo products and
switch to more responsible and sustainable products.