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Coconut Shell Craft Products

Coconut shells are often discarded in waste, but what if we tell you they can be repurposed? At The Bamboo Bae, we are on a quest to make this world a better place. We use the discarded coconut shells and turn them into products that can be used daily. Our coconut shell products are not only durable but very beautiful to look at. You can add them into your home and give yourself the gift of sustainability and creativity. On our website you will find a variety of coconut shell bowls, these will give your home a unique and fresh look and help you remain sustainable as well.

Not only this, but you can also choose our coconut shell craft products and make something out yourself. Our products are organic and will not burden the environment. So, get creative, and make something with your hand. You can also use our craft supplies on your school and college projects and show your teachers that you care about the environment. At our store, you will also find Coconut Shell Candles, these candles are a perfect alternative to traditional ones. Since these are made of suitable materials, you can use them around the house or on special occasions without worrying about the environment.