How Do You Maintain Bamboo Neem Comb?

How Do You Maintain Bamboo Neem Comb?

Wooden combs are a perfect complement to your day. Unlike traditional plastic brushes, these help not damage your hair, soften it and achieve better results.

When it comes to taking care of your hair, you always think of shampoos, masks, or oils that help you improve its appearance, but have you ever stopped to think about the importance of the comb or brush you use? On many occasions, you will have noticed that after brushing, your hair is charged with electricity, and your ends split; why does this happen?

The materials and shapes of the comb are very important characteristics when choosing the comb you will use daily. Most of them are made up of plastics and, in turn, of chemical elements that harm the health of your hair and are also harmful to the environment. With the use of brushes and bamboo products, you will notice a significant change in your hair, which will start to look brighter and stronger. These are ecological products 100% natural that help keep the scalp healthy. They stimulate blood circulation and remove dead cells that are in it.

The benefits of wooden combs and brushes

The wooden bristles are gentle on the hair structure. Also:

• They facilitate detangling and prevent hair breakage.

• neem wood comb prevents the aforementioned frizz and static electricity.

• Distributes your hair's natural sebum, resulting in naturally moisturized, soft, and lustrous hair.

• They offer a relaxing scalp massage that unwinds the whole body. Brushing before bed will leave behind the stress of the whole day and help you slow down to fall asleep easily.

• Massage of the scalp promotes blood flow and hair growth.

• The rounded bristles of the wooden brush are ideal for people with sensitive skin or dandruff as it does not scratch the scalp like other plastic or metal combs or brushes.

• bamboo comb is very pleasant to comb your hair with a wooden comb. Its warm and soft texture cares for the hair, offers a better styling result, and adds a nice touch to the styling routine.

• They respect the environment. The neem comb does not contain plastic (the brushes contain a natural rubber pad) or toxic varnishes; they are vegan (except for babies) and certified.

Being a wooden element, you must be very careful when using it, we recommend the following:

In the shower, avoid combing your hair.
Damp hair can be used with it, but not wet hair.
It must be cleaned with a cloth, ideally dry; dampness is acceptable, but not distilled water.
Do not comb with strong movements; remember that it must be smooth and from the bottom up.
Store it in a dry place, away from moisture, as it is made of wood, it absorbs water and can be harmful.

How should you brush your hair? 

Follow the steps below to get a better result:

1. Start from the tips. This will help you untangle your hair better and prevent the ends from breaking.

2. Brush your hair in the morning and at night to get rid of the knots that can be created during the day and remove the remains of pollution before going to bed.

3. Perform a massage with the wooden brush; don't be in a hurry to comb your hair; you will love the result, stimulate the root, and the hair will become healthier!

The next time you have to change your comb or brush, it may be a good time to incorporate a wooden one and contribute your ecograin for a more plastic-free planet. 

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