Coconut Shell Products & Their Use

Coconut Shell Products & Their Use

The most powerful component of coconut fruit is the coconut shell and also the products made from it like various coconut shell craft, coconut shell bowl are also very durable & coconut shell candle which is very natural. Generally, coconut shell is an agricultural waste and is available in large amounts throughout tropical areas worldwide. Traditionally coconut shell is used for making charcoal. However, in the last few decades, the usage of coconut shells had been also evolved. Nowadays various coconut shell products are available in the market and it is used in more than one way. Let us explore a few ways it is used.

Coconut shell craft

This craft is highly in demand as it is used to create a wide range of beautiful handicraft products like coconut shell bowl & coconut shell candle that are in high demand all over the globe. Coconut shell products are popular across the globe due to its durability and it is also environmentally beneficial. Its handicraft market is flourishing by leaps n bounds in tropical nations with strong tourist industries. It is excellent for making handicrafts because it lasts for a long time.

Used as fuel

Apart from aesthetic purposes, coconut shell is also used to produce charcoal that can be used as fuel. Once the coconut shell is burnt the charcoal produced is utilized as fuel and the quality of the charcoal produced from coconut shells is much better than any other type of charcoal.

Used by various industries

Charcoal obtained by the burning of coconut shells is often used to produce active carbon. This active carbon is charcoal that gets treated with oxygen. This treatment helps in removing the stubborn industrial dirt. Besides this, it is also used by many industries for purification operations. This active carbon works great in whitening the teeth, once mixed with water. This is the reason why so many toothpaste manufacturers advertise their products as “charcoal-based.” Charcoals obtained from other sources are not of excellent quality in comparison to the charcoal obtained from the burning of coconut shells.


Used in beauty applications

Coconut shell charcoal and its active carbon are also used in various beauty applications and cosmetics. Mostly matured coconuts produce good quality coconut charcoal. It has a nice fragrance which is why it is also used in scented candles like coconut shell candle and beauty products. The cosmetic industry mixes coconut charcoal with thickening chemicals to manufacture different gels and lotions for the skin which are very natural and safe to use.

Used in musical instruments

Half coconut shells are also utilized to create sound effects of horse hoofbeats. Coconut shells are used to manufacture the bases of some Chinese musical instruments like yea-hu and ban-hu.


Used in fashion accessories 

Last but not the least, the coconut shell can also be molded and carved to create wonderful, natural, and attractive fashion accessories like earrings, bangles, necklaces, pendants, etc. In Hawaii, coconut shells are also used to create buttons.
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