Coconut Shell Is Not Just a Shell: Know the Advantages

Coconut Shell Is Not Just a Shell: Know the Advantages

Coconut shell, an outer hard cover of coconut once thrown out, is now a product of great demand. Additionally to the known fact that nowadays coconut shells are used in the handicraft industry to make very interesting pieces of art, coconut shells have many other uses apart from the crafts and arts industry. This article throws light on such innovative coconut shell products derived from this humble outer shell. It also explains the many applications of these products.

There are many products that are created by processing coconut shells.

Coconut shell charcoal

Coconut shell charcoal is used as a domestic and industrial fuel. It is one of the main ingredients that is used to produce activated carbon. This activated carbon is superior to other forms obtained from other sources like wood. Since it is effortlessly available compared to other forms of coal, it is generally used in laundries as well. Goldsmiths and blacksmiths also prefer this charcoal due to its advantages. This coconut shell product is obtained by burning the coconut shells with restricted air for carbonisation. The heat that is caused in this process is used for drying copra. Coconut shell charcoal is obtained easily & effortlessly by using the drum method that is used in many small scale industries.


Coconut shell activated carbon

It is one of the most wonderful coconut shell products from nature and the best form of activated carbon that has loads of benefits. It is 100% natural and completely safe. It is acquired by multiple processes that involve burning the shells of matured coconuts in a kiln with a restricted amount of air. The coconut shells are burnt to a particular limit without entirely destroying them. Over 5,000 coconut shells are needed to produce about 1 tonne of coconut charcoal. They are burnt to a consistency that it has a minimum of 7% fixed carbon and it is consistently black in colour. It has no additives and it is made from a single ingredient which is the matured coconut shell.

It can be used for multiple purposes from barbecue grills to manufacturing medicines. This coconut shell product is also used in the manufacturing of toothpaste and soaps. It has huge adsorbing properties and therefore it is used as a food supplement in both humans and animals to promote good immunity and health. It is all natural and therefore it is also used in grilling food items. It lights up quickly and the temperature can be regulated easily as per the requirements. It also burns hotter than a usual briquette and therefore it is efficient and energy saving. It produces tiny ash after burning and does not cause pollution. A whole lot of eco-friendly uses have made it preferable in many industries like odour eliminators, manufacturing of air and water purifiers, and even building golf courses.


Coconut shell powder

Coconut shell powder is used extensively in the manufacturing of incense sticks and mosquito coils. This coconut shell product is also used in plywood manufacturing as a filler in the manufacturing of resin glue and as a phenolic extruder. It has a uniform quality and good resistance to fungal attacks and water. Good quality of coconut shell powder is acquired by using matured coconut shells and appropriate machinery.

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