Benefits of Coconut Shell Products

Benefits of Coconut Shell Products

The coconut shell is the most significant and powerful component of the coconut fruit. It is sandwiched between the meat or flesh of the coconut and the coconut husk. When the coconut shell is cracked, the coconut flesh inside is readily harmed. This is due to the shell being the coconut‘s covering.:

It is considered as a gift from God since you can utilize all of its components. While soft coconut water is a wonderfully pleasant drink which is good for health, the coconut flesh is flavorful and healthy and may be used to create delectable curries. Coconut husk is used to create many coconut shell products like rugs, doormats, ropes, brushes, car seat coverings, coconut shell bowls and bristles.

While the coconut flesh is milky white and smooth, the husk is a fibrous substance. It is tough and won’t be easily destroyed if it comes into touch with water.

Coconut flesh is nutritious and delicious. The coconut shell has been used too and searching for ways to repurpose coconut shells you have got left over can prove an eco-friendly way to design a few things for around the house that may help you out.


Following is a list of ideas for recycling coconut shells:

Coconut shell candle: Coconut shell candles are handcrafted from natural coconut shells and soy wax and are ideal for relaxing at home, place on the ceramic fireproof tile to enjoy the natural aroma of a fresh coconut grove in your house. You can even share with friends in the garden in summer or over dinner.

Coconut shell bowl: Coconut shell bowls are natural and unique serving bowls perfect for salads, smoothes, muesli, ramen, cereals, dessert or snacks. They are 100 % organic and ideal as sustainable gifting options.

Container: Use the coconut shell to keep treasures, trinkets, and small items in. Things to keep inside might include keys, toys, rubber bands, pens and pencils, twist ties, your stash of used plastic bags and many more.

Bird feeder: You can also turn it into a hanging bird feeder. Drill some holes at even spaces around the top and thread through some thin or heavy twine rope. Tie at the top with a ring to allow them for hanging. Fill it with birdseed and hang it in an appropriate place.

Coconut shell craft: Have the kids use their imagination to turn coconut shell halves into faces, heads, toys, or anything else that takes their fancy.

Basket: You can add light rope or heavy string to form a hanging handle. Use the coconut shell basket to carry things in, such as flowers and freshly cut herbs, seeds from your garden and freshly laid eggs.

Lampshade: If you are good with carving, you could carve a whole shell with neat holes in an attractive and pretty pattern. Add a globe and lamp base and you will have a lovely lamp with many light patterns glowing from it.

Jewellery: Carve pieces of the shell into earrings, necklaces, and other jewellery. Designs for elastics and barrettes can be carved for hair accessories.

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