The Beginning

THE BAMBOO BAE was born with a belief in mind that 'no change is too small.' Two travel enthusiasts 'Anuj and Sanchit' often encountered nature wrapped in plastic waste, and to find a solution to this endless problem, they came across exceptional handcrafted bamboo byproducts during their expedi- tion to the jungles of Northeast India. This was their moment of clarity, their “Eureka” moment when they developed an
idea of introducing plastic-free products to the world.

Our Journey

Our research resulted in the discovery of more such byproducts from different origins with the least possible carbon footprint making our passion towards our resolution even stronger.

Why The Bamboo Bae needs 'YOU'? -
Because‘Change’ is no longer just an option

Have you ever wondered how much plastic is consumed every year?
You would be surprised by the answer! The average plastic used by an individual is about 20 kilograms every year. Here’s another astonishing fact- according to a study, an average human unknowingly eats about 50000 particles of microplastic, which is equivalent to eating one credit card per person, per week. The reason is pretty evident – we’re accustomed to using plastic every day. We as humans have become dependent on the accessibility of regular plastic all around us, for example: the toothbrush we use every day!


Anuj Sagar

Sanchit Goyal


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