What are the benefits of combining everyday with Neem Wood Comb?

What are the benefits of combining everyday with Neem Wood Comb?
By The Bamboo Bae
January 20, 2022

Do you regularly forgo brushing your hair in the morning to save a few minutes? Or do you grab the first plastic or metal brush you find and stuff it inside your bag? Do you only brush your hair once a day? If you answered yes, we should inform you that you are unknowingly engaging in some really poor hair behaviors. Combining your hair is one of the simplest methods to keep it soft, bright, and healthy, according to beauty experts. And it'll look much better if you use a Neem Wood Comb to comb it properly.


1. There is no static

Hair becomes stiff and frizzy as a result of static electricity generated by rubbing it with a metal or plastic comb. It is also thought that it causes the brain to lose energy. Hair that has been charged with static is extremely brittle and vulnerable to breakage and chemical exposure. Stasis is reduced and healthy hair is promoted by using a well-rounded Neem wood comb.

2. It promotes hair growth.

The majority of blood arteries in the scalp supply nutrients that aid hair growth. The majority of these vessels, however, are found in the occipital region, which is located towards the back of the skull. This is the area of the scalp that supplies your hair with fresh blood and all of the nutrients it requires. The movement of combing hair stimulates the scalp and promotes blood circulation. The scalp receives more nutrients when circulation is improved, which helps hair grow faster, longer, and healthier.

3. Internal Health is Balanced

The head is said to be the location where all internal energy converges, according to ancient beliefs and studies. According to chakra research, this is where energy may shift from good to bad, affecting general health. The head is where all of the body's medians meet, and combing it on a regular basis can help to maintain the balance of internal and exterior energy, resulting in better health and protection against stress, mental health issues, and other internal issues.

4. Removes Tiredness And Fatigue

Combining your scalp with vigorous and long movements from the front to the back, and then from side to side, is a technique that might help you feel less exhausted. This comb-massaging movement helps to re-energize the body while also calming the mind. As a result, it is recommended that you comb your hair with neem wood comb 100 times before going to bed in order to get a better night's sleep.

5. Hair Is Nourished

The hair roots are hydrated and nourished by natural oils produced by the scalp. However, if this oil remains on the scalp, it will attract dust and pollutants, making your hair appear flat and lifeless. Instead, drag a neem wooden comb along your scalp and into the length of your hair to evenly distribute the oil and keep your hair from looking dull. Oil distribution offers a beautiful sheen and provides nourishment to aid hair growth.

6. Gets Rid Of Dirt And Foreign Objects

Unwanted particles in the air settle into the hair after a long day. Regular accumulation of dirt and pollutants can cause an increase in oil secretion, as well as dandruff and hair damage. The use of a wooden neem comb aids in the removal of accumulated particles and the opening of pores, allowing the scalp to breathe. It gets rid of product and oil buildup that can make your hair look lifeless due to dandruff.

Remember to clean wooden neem combs properly and on a regular basis to keep them in the best possible condition for treating your hair. To keep your hair appearing smooth, bright, long, and lustrous, use it every day and brush it frequently.

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