Reasons Why You Should Use Bamboo Hairbrush And Neem Comb

Reasons Why You Should Use Bamboo Hairbrush And Neem Comb
By The Bamboo Bae
February 15, 2022

The bamboo comb is the best option for people looking for 100% plastic-free, vegan hairbrush. Our hairbrushes are made from bamboo. Not only they are a more sustainable choice for the environment in terms of them being plastic-free, but they are also a more reliable option for healthier, brighter hairs. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider switching to a bamboo comb:


Handcrafted where the materials are sourced for fewer carbon miles

Our Neem Wood Combs are handcrafted in India, where the elements are ethically grown. As they are made near where the materials are sourced from so, they have a lower carbon footprint than, say, a plastic brush manufactured from materials sourced from lots of various places. 


Less static

You must have noticed hair turns frizzy after using a plastic brush or comb. Plastic hairbrushes or plastic comb enhance your hair's electrical charge, and as a plastic brush floats through your hair, the increased electrical charge points to static. This will manifest up as fly-aways, tangles and frizziness. Bamboo or neem wood has natural property to negative charge, so fixed is diminished, allowing your hair to stay nice and soft, which means that you will require less product on your hair in the dryer months, which will improve your hair and scalp's overall health.


Gentler detangling

The teeth of our neem wood comb are surprisingly soft, smooth and free from acute corners, so when strained through your hair, they detangle smoothly. You should notice less snagging and hair damage when you use a wooden or bamboo comb hairbrush, especially if you start brushing downwards from the bottom and work your way up to deeper brush strokes originating from the scalp.


Shinier hair

A neem wood comb or bamboo hairbrush slips through your hair, taunting the natural oils from the scalp along each strand, which results in a shinier, glossier look. These natural oils work to guard your hair, and with extended use, you should notice that your hair is stronger, healthier and smoother, all the way to the ends.


Massaged scalp

Our Wooden Comb and bamboo hairbrush with natural and soft bristles incite and rub the scalp when you use them. Massaging the scalp enhances sebum production, which means smoother, shinier hair. It also boosts the bloodstream to the area, restoring hair and improving its overall health. Healthy hairs will break less, and you grow faster.

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