Make Your Kitchen Look More Cooler With Bamboo Cutlery

Make Your Kitchen Look More Cooler With Bamboo Cutlery
By The Bamboo Bae
March 01, 2022

Wooden cutleries and Bamboo Cutlery have been used for centuries as kitchen tools across the globe. Wood or Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, cook's best friend and perfect for stirring food. Wooden or Bamboo spoons and appliances do not conduct heat, will not scrape pans, and food won't stick to it quickly.

Coconut Wood is sourced from the coconut tree extensively available in South East Asia from farms dedicated to growing coconuts. The life span of these trees is 80 years, after which the tree is recycled by being carved into timber, making it a viable replacement for endangered hardwoods.

Each tree that has been grounded is compensated by planting a young one, making coconut wood a sustainable and reliable choice.

Whereas Bamboo is sourced from tropical regions of India, and the most astonishing fact is that Bamboo only takes 2 to 3 years to be fully grown and increases the soil fertility.

Not only for using the building industry, Bamboo is perfect for shaping kitchen appliances. Beautiful and wealthy in woody grain ranging from light brown colours to deep golden ones, it is a lovely and tactile material.

At Bamboo Bae, we are enthusiastic about recycling and utilizing nature at its best. We create beautiful, sustainable and useful products for home, which we believe our beautiful reusable cutlery collection fits perfectly. Our bamboo cutlery range for kitchen is perfect for all your kitchen needs.

Bamboo & wood collection craft is a community-based project where local families are taught basic woodcarving and participate in the early stages of production. It preserves traditional craft and method, also helps to bring work to the community.

The master craftsmen complete the intricate and detailed finishing after the base shape get ready.


Your favorite appliance will last you for years to come with just a little extra care and nurture. Here are some tips:

• Use medium-grain sandpaper to exclude the rough, dry edges of the appliance.

• To remove sawdust from the spoon, use a cloth and check the utensil for any remaining rough edges. Re-use the sandpaper if there are any remaining.

• Apply some good quality coconut oil to the utensil and thoroughly rub it after using the cloth.

• You will see the difference in colour and appearance immediately. The colour you will see more in-depth and richer in tone.

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